Mounds In Your Backyard? Here’s What Seattle Residents Should Know…

The beautiful city of Seattle is full of lush greenery and picturesque landscapes. It’s truly the perfect location for that idyllic suburban living. However, beneath the surface exists a threat to your peace of mind and sense of aesthetics. These threats are the seemingly innocent Moles and Pocket Gophers.

These burrowing mammals are compelled to live underground, digging intricate burrow systems. Whenever they surface, they leave behind unsightly mounds. Considering that their primary target for these activities is your backyard, a gopher or mole living there is sure to wreak havoc.

The experts at Saela Pest Control have recognized that this pest maintains quite a significant presence in the general Seattle region. As such, they’ve compiled relevant information and important to know facts! Here is an excerpt:

“Moles and pocket gophers appear as extremely innocent and harmless. While this may be true (to an extent), their presence is always linked with significant damage to lawns and gardens. A mole prefers to feed on insects and other such creatures, while a pocket gopher enjoys plant roots, bulbs, and other such plant-originating delicacies. 

The entire reason these mammals even evolved such a difficult system of travel is to not only avoid predators, but also to reach their desired food easily. Moles and Pocket Gophers have thus nicely adapted to what they aim to do.

Unfortunately, such an adaptation has made them quite difficult to capture. Remember, the entire reason they stay below ground is to avoid all the creatures above land who pose a threat – humans included. When faced with a mole or pocket gopher infestation, DIY methods often fall short. While traps and repellents are commonly used, they may only provide temporary relief and fail to address the underlying problem.

The key to relief from such burrowing creatures is not figuring out ways to capture and transport them away. It’s identifying exactly why the creatures chose a backyard in the first place. Such an investigation points one in the right direction. Any chance of infestation is reduced drastically by fixing the structural inconsistencies that allow moles and gophers to come in and keeping a backyard free of insects and weeds.” 

As the excerpt showcases, a mole and pocket gopher infestation cannot be controlled by DIY methods. The only option is a professional pest control service. This offers a more comprehensive solution, one that employs advanced techniques to locate and remove burrowing pests from the property.

The key reason why this works is because multiple methods are used. Repellents are used to drive moles and gophers away, while additional traps and baits can be used to capture the brave ones. Finally, techniques such as controlling the habitat also make a big difference. These creatures might be attracted to other pests and insects already hurting your backyard. By curbing such insects, you’ve effectively cut out a food source for moles and gophers. 

While the solutions appear simple, executing them requires a high-level of expertise. Ensure that you reach out to a pest control professional with proven expertise in this area. This way, you can reclaim your peace of mind back from moles and gophers!

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