how to become a subaru certified technician

Becoming a Subaru certified technician involves specialized training and certification from Subaru of America, Inc. Subaru-certified technicians are skilled in servicing and repairing Subaru vehicles. Here are the general steps to become a Subaru certified technician:

1. Obtain Basic Automotive Training:

  • Start by acquiring a solid foundation in automotive technology. You can do this through a formal automotive technology program at a vocational school, community college, or technical institute. Alternatively, you can gain experience through on-the-job training as a mechanic’s apprentice.

2. Gain Work Experience:

  • Work in the automotive repair industry to gain hands-on experience with various vehicle makes and models. This experience will provide a solid foundation for Subaru-specific training.

3. Research Subaru’s Training Programs:

  • Visit Subaru of America’s official website or contact your local Subaru dealership to learn about the training programs available for technicians. Subaru offers specific training opportunities for technicians to become certified in servicing Subaru vehicles.

4. Enroll in Subaru Training Programs:

  • Enroll in Subaru’s training programs, which may include web-based courses, classroom instruction, and hands-on training at a Subaru training center. Subaru offers various training modules to cover different aspects of vehicle service, diagnostics, and repair.

5. Attend Subaru Training Classes:

  • Attend training classes and complete the required coursework. These classes cover topics such as Subaru engine systems, transmission systems, electronic control systems, and more.

6. Gain Practical Experience:

  • Apply what you’ve learned in training to real-world situations by working on Subaru vehicles at your dealership or service center. Practical experience is essential for building your expertise.

7. Prepare for Certification Exams:

  • Subaru may require you to pass certification exams to become a Subaru certified technician. Study the training materials provided and review your notes from the training courses to prepare for these exams.

8. Take Certification Exams:

  • Schedule and take the required certification exams. The exams typically evaluate your knowledge and skills related to Subaru vehicle service and repair.

9. Achieve Subaru Certification:

  • Once you have successfully passed the certification exams, you will receive official Subaru certification as a technician. This certification demonstrates your expertise in servicing Subaru vehicles.

10. Maintain Certification and Stay Updated: – To maintain your Subaru certification, you may need to complete ongoing training and re-certification exams. Staying updated on the latest Subaru vehicle models and technologies is essential for your career as a Subaru technician.

11. Seek Employment with a Subaru Dealership: – Look for job opportunities at Subaru dealerships or authorized Subaru service centers. Certified Subaru technicians are in demand at these locations.

Becoming a Subaru certified technician requires a commitment to ongoing training and staying up-to-date with Subaru’s latest vehicle models and technologies. It’s essential to maintain your certification and continue learning to provide the best service to Subaru customers. Additionally, networking with other Subaru technicians and professionals in the automotive industry can be beneficial for career growth.

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