Cloud Computing 101: Navigating the Basics of Cloud Technology


  • Definition and significance of cloud computing.
  • The transition from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud solutions.

Key Concepts:

  1. Types of Cloud Services:
    • IaaS, PaaS, SaaS explained.
    • Benefits of each service model.
  2. Advantages of Cloud Computing:
    • Scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.
    • Accessibility and collaboration benefits.
  3. Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds:
    • Differences and use cases.
    • Security and control considerations.
  4. Cloud Security:
    • Encryption, authentication, and authorization.
    • Shared responsibility model.
  5. Cloud Migration Strategies:
    • Lift and shift, re-platforming, and re-architecting.
    • Challenges and best practices.

Future Trends:

  • Serverless computing, edge computing, and AI-driven cloud services.
  • Continued growth of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

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